Conference on Research in Art, Design and Culture

Bangalore, December 21-22, 2018

In Theory / In Practice

The Conference on Research in Art, Design and Culture aims to bring together students / scholars / practitioners who are actively involved in research, both as academics and independent practitioners to engage in a dialog, discussion and debate on the ways, means and modes of undertaking research in the areas of art, design and culture. We believe that these fields—art, design and culture—as primly praxis driven, do not lend themselves easily to discursive epistemologies, as a result face the challenges of legitimation within the established academic frameworks. And at the same time art, design and culture, as disciplines, are yet to fully evolve and define methods of normativization of unique modes of inquiry that they engage in. Our ambition is that the Conference on Research in Art, Design and Culture would be a forum and a platform in India for a radical rearticulation of research, methods and outputs.

For the first iteration of this conference we have chosen In Theory / In Practice as the overarching theme, because we want to debate what practice and theory mean in art design and culture, including the division between the two and the dilemma researchers often face in their work.

This conference is sponsored by Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore

Some of the foundational topics we would like to discuss during the conference are:

  • The ways of framing, investigating and answering research questions in a practice-led inquiry..
  • The necessity of theory enframing and informing the practice, and the possibility or the impossibility of theory of practices
  • Alternative to textual modes of expressions of research to demonstrate an inquiry such as art, artifacts and designs and the ways in which they can be interrogated and legitimated.
  • The challenges of undertaking, guiding and supervising practice-led research in art, design and culture.

If you are a student, researcher, faculty, artist or a designer we would like you to come and join us in this conference.

There are 6 ways in which you can participate

  • Read a Paper: Send an abstract of no more then 300 words that addresses any questions that we are interested in discussing in the conference by September 1, 2018 and if it is selected send a full paper of 3000 words by November 15, 2018.
  • Fora: 2-4 Fora will be held during the conference at specific times. The topics will be announced on the same day and any one can signup to speak. The speakers will get 5 minutes each to share their ideas/views followed by open discussion.
  • Showcase: You can show your work in form of an artifact or a picture/poster/performance. Send us few pictures and write-up of 300 words with requirements by October 1, 2018. If selected you can come and show your work.
  • Workshop/Sessions: You could propose to conduct a workshop on interesting aspects of undertaking research or a necessary skill.
  • Other ways: If you have found or thought about imaginative and innovative ways of presentation we would welcome them.
  • Just Come: You could just come and listen, ask question, engage in a discussion and network.


The conference proceedings, including the interventions in the Open Fora and the images of showcased work will be published in Unbound, A Journal of Discourse and Creative Expressions


Important Dates

SEPTEMBER 15, 2018: Deadline for submission of abstracts for papers Showcase, workshops and others

OCTOBER 1, 2018: Acceptance decision communicated for papers.

NOVEMBER 15, 2018: Deadline for submitting full papers

DECEMBER 20, 21 & 22, 2018: Conference


Registration Fee

Participants from the Indian Subcontinent: Students: 1000 INR. / Employed: 1500 INR.

Participants from rest of the world: Students: 30 USD. / Employed: 50 USD.



Registrations Closed