New Grounds for the Humanities and Design

There has been a growing awareness that in many domains of design and the human sciences—geography, politics, ethics, the visual, the social—not only the conceptualizations of the domains but our practical, passionate doings in the domains are... September 6th, 2016


Design as a Meme-busting Tool: In Conversation with Geetha Narayanan

The journal Unbound would not have been possible without the unique intellectual milieu of Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology. So we strongly felt that the inaugural issue of the journal should have the views of its founder/director Geetha Narayanan, not because she is the head of the... November 5th, 2016

Nationalism and the Community Question in India

A. P. Ashwin Kumar | The Liberal and the Nationalist In recent days the idea of nationalism has again come into focus in mainstream political discussions in India. Those critical of the idea ('liberals'), have usually attempted to contain the concept of nationalism by showing how it is used to... August 22nd, 2016

Liberal Education and its Discontents

Shashikala Srinivasan | While there has been a long-standing narrative of crisis on the institution of the university in India and the West, we can identify some conspicuous differences in the way the crisis is formulated and addressed in the two different contexts. An articulation of the crisis... August 22nd, 2016

The Maidan as a Ground of Design

Dilip da Cunha / Anuradha Mathur |  The maidan is familiar to designers as an open space in Indian settlements: a typically bare ground appropriated for multiple uses such as games, fairs, picnics, rallies, markets, planting, cattle grazing, etc., some of which occur on it simultaneously. It is... August 22nd, 2016

Srishti Documents

From the Remnants of Reality: The Art and Practice of Suresh Kumar G.

Pithamber R. Polsani | Artists are labourers who toil for their ideas Suresh Kumar G. In the morning slot on the second day of the ART Marathon, in the middle of the gallery on a green drop cloth, stood a 30-year-old bicycle.  When the bell rang announcing the start of the show, the artist... November 5th, 2016

Vernacular Design

We invite, artists, designers, writers, academics and all those who are interested in writing about vernacular design to send us your ideas in form of an abstract of 350 words (1 Page) to editors@unboundjournal.in . We have tentatively framed our research in understanding design thinking... September 2nd, 2016


The Idea Behind Propriception.in

Charu Maithani | Proprioception.in is a website that is dedicated to experimental videos and artists’ films, net art and digital publications. It places itself in the landscape of online viewing practices. It is curated in the format that only one video/film by an artist/filmmaker is on view... August 23rd, 2016

Gallery as Practice: Informal Art Spaces in North Bangalore

Alison Byrnes | The relationship between art-making and money-making has always been fraught. The desire to make art, at least for the past hundred years, has been considered more of a calling, or vocation, rather than a career. Worldwide, the mythos of the “starving artist” still looms... August 22nd, 2016


EVA International 2016: Still (the) Barbarians

Aileen Blaney | ‘Still (the) Barbarians’ is the title given by guest curator Koyo Kouoh to 2016 edition of EVA International, inspired by the biennial’s simultaneity with the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising, a symbolic date in Ireland’s struggle for independence from its British... August 24th, 2016

To See with Your Ear

Vasanthi Mariadas | Beam (2015), is a sound installation by British sound artist Cathy Lane at the Artry Gallery, Kochi, which brings a confluence of sound, sea and harbor into a succinct and minimalistic impression. Sound waves, light waves and waves from the Arabian seas intersect to speculate... October 24th, 2016


Liberal Arts Lab 2.0

Rashmi Sawhney | The educational landscape of India has changed significantly over the last three decades, with the setting up of a number of private universities. Presently, there are 45 central universities, 318 state universities, 185 private universities, 129 deemed to be universities, and 52... September 2nd, 2016

Pedagogy as Research

Soudhamini V | I started teaching at Srishti three years ago. Throughout my first year I taught fiction film making, as I knew it both from my own learning in film school and my professional work and life since. It was extremely fulfilling, especially as that batch of students went on to win a... August 24th, 2016