UNBOUND is a non-disciplinary multimedia journal of Discourse and Creative Practices,including art, design and other imaginative expressions. It aims to break out of traditional disciplinary territories and boundaries considered self-evident markers of knowledge by giving expression to ideas and everyday practices that operate simultaneously on contiguous and often overlapping domains. We believe, like thought & everyday practices, scholarly discourse too should be boundless and open. Hence, non disciplinarity will free scholars and practitioners from constraints, normative requirements and open possibilities for radical thought. The goal is not an avant-gardist rejection of all that is traditional, inherited or historical. Nor is the aim to renounce philosophers, theoreticians and scholars of past and present. Instead, the objective is to rescue and highlight non-disciplinary ideas, frameworks, practices and theories from ancients and moderns alike and to think anew about theory and practices in art, design, humanities and the social sciences.

UNBOUND is a forum for all scholars and practitioners who generate discourse and engage in practices that blur the traditional distinctions between theory/praxis and that which cannot be classified into subjects and departments. It is a place for proliferating discourse, disseminating theoretically innovative and critical practices across multiple fields, and stimulating debates that are essentially non-disciplinary and defy accepted divisions. UNBOUND is a medium for those individuals who are not only interested in reevaluating inherited paradigms, concepts, labels and ideas that have come to dominate thought processes, but also for those who want to experiment with new ways of engaging, theorizing and articulating the historical and the contemporary.


Pithamber R. Polsani