Prospective contributors may choose to submit their work in any of the categories listed below, as long as it follows the category requirements. Please send your submissions electronically as an email attachment to

Categories of Submissions

Critiques: Well-researched articles that rigorously examine ongoing debates and legacies, point to new directions and articulate new ideas. Article length: 2000 to 5000 words. All Critiques will be subjected to blind peer review.

Praxis: Practitioner notes and notes on ideas or a singular topic of interest, written by the practitioners themselves or by others who expound practice of an artist/designer. Article length: 750 to 1500 words. All notes and short articles in the Praxis section will be subjected to blind peer review.

inClass: Notes about design, art and new humanities pedagogy and interesting classes/studios delivered. Article length: 750 to 1500 words. All InClass notes will be subjected to blind peer review.

Emerging Talent: This section is reserved for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Students may submit work under any of the above categories or submit their designs and artwork for review. For art and design review see submission guidelines below.

Curated: This category invites writing, multi-media presentations, films and other audio-visual forms that attempt to explore and subvert the flexibility and immateriality of cyberspace. Cyberspace, which came with the promise of being a new and radical space, has been colonized by commerce, employed as an easy instrument of overbearing surveillance and is, in many ways a replica of the real world. This category invites a fundamental rethinking of what cyberspace is.

Submission Guidelines
1. We accept written work only in the English language.
2. The work should be original and unpublished.
3. All submissions should be done electronically as email attachments to
4. Manuscripts should be submitted in Microsoft Word format. All manuscripts should consist of the following:
a. Font: Times New Roman 12 Point
b. 1 inch margin on all four sides
c. A title page with
i. Title of the Submission
ii. Name of the Author
iii. 200 word bio note of the author
d. Page 1 must have:
i. Title of the Submission
ii. 200 word abstract followed by text of the work
e. Images, Drawings and Illustrations
i. Do not embed any images in the manuscript.
ii. Leave space and include number of the image and caption.
iii. In a separate PDF file include low resolution (72 DPI with maximum width of 1200 pixels) images numbered and sequenced as they appear in the manuscript.
f. Naming convention for the submission file
i. FirstName_LastName_Noof the Issue_Category. Example: Jane_Doe_02_Critiques
ii. Image file in PDF format accompanying the manuscript should be named as Manuscript file, but adding “_Images” at the end. Example: Jane_Doe_02_Critiques_Images
g. Stylistic Guidelines
i. Please follow The Chicago Manual of Style guidelines while preparing the manuscript.
5. Submission to category Curated:
a. If you wish to submit your experimental work that explores and extends the possibilities of the web and cyberspace please send us a link along with a curatorial note of 500 words.
b. The curatorial note should follow the same formatting guidelines as manuscript and electronic file naming convention indicated above.
6. Submissions to Emerging Talent Category:
a. This category is reserved for students only. Students may submit work under any category listed above.
b. All student submissions must also follow all the guidelines.
c. Students who wish to have their work reviewed and featured in the journal should submit a link to a portfolio page, along with an explanatory note of 500 to1500 words.
d. Only a selected few submissions will be reviewed. We are looking for work that is Original, Innovative and Well Executed.