The City as Stage

by Sudhanva Deshpande

Drawing on his personal experience as a city street theatre actor and director, Deshpande critically examines Peter Brook’s idea of, empty space becoming a performance space. Because the spaces where a street play is staged are never empty, instead they are charged with histories of contestations and therefore a performance has to contend with, become part of, and be partisan in, this contestation over spaces in the city.


Actor and director with Jana Natya Manch, Delhi, publisher with LeftWord Books, co-director of two documentaries on Habib Tanvir and editor of ‘Theatre of the Streets: The Jana Natya Manch Experience’ (Jana Natya Manch, 2007) and ‘Our Stage: Pleasures and Perils of Theatre Practice in India’ (Tulika Books, 2009).